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Download VLC media player Free

Downtips gives you the best way to download a VLC media player Free For PC. You can download easily from the link below. Here are some instructions and descriptions.

VLC Media Player is a Best Free Video Player. VLC media player is a free, open-source multimedia player available for multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats and offers a variety of features for playing, streaming, and managing media files.

  1. Playing Media Files:
    • To play a media file, open the VLC media player and go to the “Media” menu.
    • Select “Open File” to open a specific file from your computer, or choose “Open Disc” to play media from a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc.
    • You can also drag and drop media files directly into the VLC window to open them.
  2. Playback Controls:
    • VLC media player provides standard playback controls such as play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast forward.
    • Use the playback controls in the toolbar or keyboard shortcuts (spacebar for play/pause, Ctrl+Left Arrow for rewind, Ctrl+Right Arrow for fast forward, etc.) to control playback.
  3. Audio and Video Effects:
    • VLC offers a range of audio and video effects that allow you to adjust playback settings according to your preferences.
    • Go to the “Tools” menu and select “Effects and Filters” to access options for adjusting audio equalization, video effects, synchronization, and more.
  4. Subtitles and Audio Tracks:
    • VLC media player supports subtitles and multiple audio tracks for multimedia files.
    • To load subtitles, go to the “Subtitles” menu and select “Add Subtitle File” to load an external subtitle file.
    • You can also adjust subtitle settings such as font size, color, and position from the “Subtitles” menu.
  1. Streaming Media:
    • VLC media player allows you to stream media over a network or the internet.
    • Go to the “Media” menu and select “Open Network Stream” to enter the URL of the streaming media you want to access.
    • You can also stream media from a local network or use VLC’s built-in streaming features to broadcast your content.
  2. Playlist Management:
    • VLC media player includes a playlist feature that allows you to create and manage lists of media files.
    • Open the playlist window by clicking on the “View” menu and selecting “Playlist” or pressing Ctrl+L.
    • Drag and drop media files into the playlist window to create a playlist, or use the “Media” menu to add files manually.
  3. Recording and Capture:
    • VLC media player can record video and audio from your computer’s webcam, capture device, or screen.
    • Go to the “Media” menu and select “Open Capture Device” to access options for recording from your webcam or capture device.
    • You can also use the “Convert/Save” option to record your screen or save a portion of a video file as a new file.


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