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Take a game with no color, no dialogue, no 3D, and a musical score so subtle it might as well be ambient noise. In most cases that sounds like a terrible game. But Limbo pulls it off incredibly well. This indie release has received much-deserved praise for its simplicity, yet very effective gameplay. This game masters one aspect incredibly well, and that is the sound of the environment. Heavy loud electrical crackles, and scurrying spider steps all are done to perfection to a point where no background noise is necessary at all. 2-D sidescrollers have been done to death, But Limbo feels almost entirely original because of how it is presented. The plot is very simple and almost doesn’t need to exist for this game to work. It is more about the tension, and players will be on edge the first time they play this game. The platforming is satisfactory. The game is a bit short. This game is better because it is shorter, not overstay its welcome. I did have a few gripes about some of the ludicrous amount of precision required for certain platforming sections, and some false paths will lead you to nowhere except certain death.


All contestants must attempt to go under the bar with their backs facing toward the floor. When passing under the bar, players must bend backward. No part of their body is allowed to touch the bar, and no part other than their feet may touch the ground. They must not turn their head or neck to the side.