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Get Hundred Days has several ways to play, but the main introduction of the gameplay happens in the Story mode, in which you play a stressed out worker who inherits a winery in France without having any previous experience in winemaking. Along your winemaking journey you meet a cast of friendly and diverse characters who play a role in the region where you produce your wine. Along the way you’ll not only learn how to play the game but also all the aspects that come with producing this delicious grape juice.


Once you get the hang of things, this makes the gameplay loop incredibly rewarding. As you sell more wine and gain more reputation. You can increase your machinery and tools to produce different kinds of wine. These Upgrades are expensive and real From the moment you plant your first Vineyard to the end of the Season. It really makes you experience that challenging feeling of making “the perfect wine. Perfection here being pretty much impossible. Because the game accounts for all the weather conditions, wine trends and speculative bubbles that exist in real life. You may gotten an 85% rating on Barbera you’ve Bottled But Chardonnay has just become a trend, you’ve put your effort into getting red wine as good.

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