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Downtips gives you the best way to download Paid Apps Sales Pro Free. The instructions and descriptions are given below and the download link.

Paid Apps Sales Pro is a mobile application designed to help users discover and track discounts, promotions, and sales on paid apps available in app stores. It provides users with real-time updates on price drops, limited-time offers, and free app promotions, allowing them to save money while expanding their app collection. With Paid Apps Sales Pro, users can explore curated lists of discounted apps, set up notifications for specific categories or apps, and access detailed information about app sales directly from their mobile devices.


  1. Download and Install:
    • Search for “Paid Apps Sales Pro” on the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) and install the app on your mobile device.
  2. Open the App:
    • Launch Paid Apps Sales Pro from your device’s home screen or app drawer.
  3. Explore Deals:
    • Browse through the app’s interface to explore current deals, discounts, and promotions on paid apps available in app stores.
  4. Search for Apps:
    • Use the search function to find specific apps or browse through categories and lists to discover new apps on sale.
  5. View App Details:
    • Click on an app to view detailed information, including app description, screenshots, ratings, reviews, and price history.
  6. Add Apps to Wishlist:
    • If you’re interested in an app that’s not currently on sale, add it to your wishlist to receive notifications when it goes on sale or becomes available for free.
  7. Set Up Notifications:
    • Customize notification settings to receive alerts for specific categories, price drops, or apps added to your wishlist.
  8. Purchase Apps:
    • When you find an app you want to purchase, click on the purchase link to be redirected to the respective app store for secure and convenient transactions.
  9. Track Savings:
    • Monitor your savings and purchase history within the app to see how much money you’ve saved on discounted apps over time.
  10. Provide Feedback:
    • Share your feedback and suggestions with the developers to help improve the app and enhance the user experience for all users.

Key Features:

  1. Real-Time Updates:
    • Paid Apps Sales Pro delivers real-time notifications and updates on discounted and free apps available for purchase in app stores.
  2. Curated Lists:
    • The app offers curated lists of discounted apps organized by categories, genres, and popularity, making it easy for users to discover new apps and games on sale.
  3. Search and Filter:
    • Users can search for specific apps or filter results based on criteria such as price range, discount percentage, app category, and more.
  4. Price History:
    • Paid Apps Sales Pro provides users with price history charts and graphs, allowing them to track changes in app prices over time and make informed purchasing decisions.
  5. App Details:
    • Users can access detailed information about discounted apps, including app descriptions, screenshots, user reviews, and ratings, to evaluate the quality and relevance of the apps on sale.
  6. Wishlist:
    • The app includes a wishlist feature that enables users to bookmark apps they’re interested in and receive notifications when those apps go on sale or become available for free.
  7. Custom Notifications:
    • Users can customize notification settings to receive alerts for specific categories, price drops, or apps added to their wishlist.
  8. Integration with App Stores:
    • Paid Apps Sales Pro integrates with popular app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store, providing users with direct access to discounted apps and seamless purchasing experiences.
  9. User Profiles:
    • Users can create profiles within the app to save preferences, view purchase history, and track savings over time.
  10. Ad-Free Experience (Optional):
    • Paid Apps Sales Pro offers an ad-free experience for users who opt for premium versions or in-app purchases.


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